About Us

PEDCO, LLC is an innovative recreational products marketing company. Our primary interests are in cutting edge products for the recreational industry. PEDCO, LLC currently distributes Equestrian and Power sports airbag safety apparel. PEDCO, LLC was established in 2001.

PEDCO, LLC was the first and is the oldest national distributor for the air bag safety apparel. PEDCO, LLC help to launch the first airbag safety apparel in the USA in 2004 that product was marketed as the Airetronics brand. Then in 2006 PEDCO, LLC became the firs national distributor for the Hit-air apparel, manufactured by Mugen Denko LTD of Japan.


Why Choose PEDCO, LLC as your Hit-Air distributor?

  • Our Service:

a. We carry the full line of Hit-air apparel for both Equestrian and Powersports
b. We have a dedicated online dealer only website where you can place your orders 24/7
c. Can offer customized sales collateral for our products
d. We have how to demo videos
e. We offer blind drop ship service at no charge
f. We have no minimum orders

  • Our experience

a. We have been distributing airbag apparel for nine years, the longest in the industry. We were the first national distributor for the Hit-air brand, manfactured by Mugen Denko, LTD.
b. We are professional marketing and distributing company, not starting as a "hobby".
c. We conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • We support and protect our dealers

a. We do not compete with our dealers and sell direct to the end users with hidden price tricks that sell below MSRP with deep discounts on our company owned websites.
b. We work with the manufacturer to help prevent the eroding of the value of the product by having high standards for new dealers, we prefer experienced dealers, but welcome any dealers who share our philosophy of good customer service, fair prices and good margins.
c. We back our products with good warranty and service.

  • We are a diverse company

a. We employ people without regards to race, gender or ethnicity
b. We welcome dealers without regards to race, gender or ethnicity
c. We sponsor riders on all levels.

Dealer Inquiries
Contact Laura Lopez
Vice President - Vendor Relations & Sponsor Management PEDCO, LLC - Hit Air Equestrian USA
e-mail: llopez@hitairequestrianusa.com

Watch the below video about Mugen Denko history,
product presentation and comparison with competitors.

(13.01 minutes)