How to read the sizing label for all models

The equestrian vests models Advantage, SV2, LV, and MLV have group sizes "Small", "Medium", "Large" and the Advantage includes a "Extra" large size group.

Each group is adjustable over a size range. For example the "Small" group is adjustable from XXS-S, "Medium" group is adjustable from S-XL etc.

The size label list at the top the "group" size and at the bottom the actual size range for the group will read the sizes spelled out i.e. "Small", "Medium, "Large"

The bottom label uses abbreviations i.e. ("XXS to S", "S-XL", "XL-3XL")

All models overlap in sizes either the next size up or next size down and all models are adjustable over the range of the sizes listed on the bottom label.

Equestrian Models

a. SV Model

(Size XX-S to S) Lightest weight (810g) (48cc CO2) (Y-Type Keybox)

b. LV Model

(Size S to XL) Light weight (900g) (48cc CO2) (Y-Type Keybox)

c. Advantage

(Small XX-S to S) Weight (33oz) (50cc CO2) (B-Type Keybox)
(Medium S to XL) Weight (34.3oz) (50cc CO2) (B-Type Keybox)
(Large XL to 3XL) Weight (34.3oz) (60cc CO2) (B-Type Keybox)
(Extra 3XL to 5XL) Weight (34.3oz) (60cc CO2) (B-Type Keybox)


Advantage label size large shown below