ADVANTAGE Kids™ Multi Discipline Airbag Vest

ADVANTAGE Kids&#153 Multi Discipline Airbag Vest

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  • The Hit-air Advantage kid's model includes all of the superior features of the adult version of the Advantage™ models.
  • It is extremely lightweight and is recommended in any discipline your children choose, from recreational to eventing.
  • It's design incorporates the largest neck airbag in the industry for superior protection in this most vital part of the anatomy.
  • It also inflates in about 0.09 sec as the other Advantage™ models. The Advantage Kids’ model options include chest pad, back pad and side cushions, to increase protection in the chest, back and waist.
  • Already included:
    One 50cc cartridge
    One coiled wire
    One Tool Kit and Instruction Manual
  • Use with only with English saddles or with western saddles WITHOUT horns.
  • Take the measurements of the child with and without regular riding clothing (i.e. coat, body armor) and cross check with the below sizing chart. (Keep in mind children grow fast).
  • The Hit-Air airbag vests do not require the use of a regular body armor underneath the vest for performance.
    If the rider is competing, the sanction body rules may require him/her to wear a regular protective vest.
    Adding the Hit-Air chest/back/side optional protectors to the airbag vest may or may not replace the regular protective vest required by organizers of different competitions. Consult the competition organizers and their rules, as they are revised frequently.


    AdvantageKids™ Sizing Chart:

    Sizes For SMALLER
    Kids go to
    KM Model
    Advantage Kids
    Advantage Kids
    For BIGGER kids
    go to
    Advantage Adult
    Height 110-13cm
    3'7" - 4'3"
    4'3" - 4'7"
    145 - 155cm
    4'9" - 5'1"
    145 - 175cm
    4'9" - 5'7"
    Chest 45-65cm
    18" - 25.6"
    63.5 - 73.5cm
    25" - 29"
    74 - 82 cm
    29" - 32"
    74 - 96cm
    29"- 37.5"
    Waist By Weight:
    20kg (44pounds) to
    30kg (66 Pounds)
    56 - 63.5cm
    22" - 25"
    60 - 68cm
    23" - 26.5"
    60 - 80cm
    23" 31"